Weird and Wonderful Self Storage Finds

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 Who knows what lurks behind the faceless locked doors of the thousands of rented self storage units that are dotted around the country? There are units of all shapes and sizes that are rented out across the world, most of them are used for storing bulky items such as furniture, or even to house a growing collection of something that can no longer be housed at home. There are people who rent out these units to use like their own personal gym, filling them full of gym equipment that their living accommodation simply can’t accommodate.

Most of the people that rent these units use them as though they are an extension of their personal living space, somewhere to store the things that they simply can’t bear to throw away. But there are others who use them for other purposes, seemingly unaware of the legal implications of what they are doing. As far as the rules of self storage ownership go things like weapons, toxic chemicals and explosives should never be stored in the units, however there are some people who believe that rules are made to be broken.

Some Unusual Finds

There are a number of reasons why goods in a storage unit are forgotten, the people that rented them out in the first place often move away or die, and the rental company can no longer trace ownership to anyone. When this happens that ‘mystery lots’ are placed for auction, their contents unknown they are sold to the highest bidder who then gets to make what they hope are some valuable discoveries inside.

Michigan USA: Once such auction lot was bought by a Michigan man, hoping to find something he could sell to recoup the cost of his purchase he was surprised to discover a live grenade in his storage unit. Rather stupidly he picked it up and carried it to the local police station who proceeded to evacuate the building and called in the bomb squad. They advised him that should he ever come across such an object again, he leave it exactly where it is and call them, instead of picking it up and carrying it through the city streets.

China: Storage units have in one form or another have been around for a long time, so long in fact that when an ancient storage facility was uncovered in Zhouyuan, China it was found to contain seeds that were over three thousand years old which still looked as good as new.

Miami USA: One plain and inconspicuous storage unit that went up for auction in Miami, Florida was found to contain a genuine NASA rocket as well as an authentic blast off countdown clock from the nearby space facility at Cape Canaveral, both of the items were linked to NASA’s million dollar Endeavour Space Program. It made for one incredible day for one extremely lucky auction hunter. Just going to show you that you can never know what is hidden from view in these locked up treasure troves.

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