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Did you watch this Volkswagen Commercial? I really love it.

All too many people park their car in the driveway, exposed to bad weather and potential vandalism, while their garage is full of clutter.

But please – don’t leave all your staff in the yard! Rent a self storage locker!

When you rent a room in a Columbus storage facility, you get plenty of space for all your Christmas decorations, tools and toys and boxes you would otherwise store in your garage.  You don’t need most of these things every day. Especially in winter, when you don’t have any yard work.

Parking your car in the driveway can result in serious damage to your Volkswagen or any other vehicle you own:

  • Did you hear of vandalism in your neighborhood? Car tires get slashed even in safe, family friendly subdivisions.
  • Every week I hear a story of a car break-in. It’s just too tempting for thieves to pick the low-hanging fruit – cars parked in the drive-way.
  • And then you have the weather. In summer we experience thunderstorms, high winds and even tornadoes that could seriously damage your car. In winter its the snow and ice that gradually chips off the value of your vehicle.
  • There is convenience in parking your car in the garage. You won’t get wet, when it rains. You won’t freeze your fingers when it’s cold, and you won’t even have to scrape off the ice from your windows when it’s snowing.

Follow Volkswagen’s advice and Reclaim your Garage!

Call Westbelt Storage today at (614) 777-9511 to reserve your self-storage unit and park your car in your garage! That’s what it was made for!