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A self storage facility is an option that can help small businesses save money, and provides an added measure of convenience.  Self storage facilities are more affordable than offices, and can provide a relatively inexpensive way to store inventory and supplies.  This saves you space, and can keep your home office or business site from looking more like a warehouse than a place of business.

Why Businesses Rent Storage

One of the principal reasons that small businesses rent storage space is to save money.  If you rent an office of your own, you should realize that office rental costs about twice as much as storage space rental per square foot.  It’s a far more cost effective option to lease a small office, and rent space for long term storage.

Office based businesses aren’t the only ones that benefit from storage space rental.  Renting storage space can be an attractive option for any type of small operation with a need to store supplies or equipment offsite, or who want to have a secure location separate from the main work area.

What Kinds of Businesses Benefit from Self Storage?

There are many types of businesses that benefit from self storage.  Home based businesses that carry inventory or store records are one example.  Those who are in direct sales with products that take up too much room to store at home, or who regularly make presentations at a nearby site, may benefit from a self storage unit.  Home based businesses that must archive documents, like freelance paralegals and bookkeepers, can also save space and safely and securely store these documents offsite.

Contractors and landscapers can also benefit from self storage.  A self storage until is a great place to store equipment if you don’t have room at home or the main office site.  If you work out of a truck, a storage unit is a great place to store your equipment and meet potential clients in a secure location with parking available.

Where to Find Storage

When looking for a self storage unit, consider the convenience of the location.  Start by looking online for self storage companies in your area.  Chances are there are several companies nearby, and most larger companies will detail the locations on their websites.  This will also give you a chance to check out any special deals that may be available.

Getting the Best Deal

Because self storage businesses are highly competitive, they’re always looking for ways to attract new customers.  To get the best deal, make sure you ask the representative about any deals or specials; don’t wait for them to offer this information.  Many times the terms are negotiable, so be prepared with a counteroffer and make sure to let the sales representative know if you’ve found a better deal elsewhere.  This will give you leverage to negotiate to get cheaper storage at your ideal site.

Another thing to remember is that some companies pay you for referrals.  So, if you have associates with a similar type of business who could also benefit from self storage, it may pay to recommend the storage company you use.  Looking online is another simple way to find deals, since many companies try to attract Internet shoppers with special online-only deals and discounts.

A self storage unit is a cost cutting and space saving measure that can benefit many kinds of small or home based businesses.  With a little homework, you’ll be able to find the least expensive and most convenient storage space for your small business needs.