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Home business entrepreneurs know that drawing a boundary between work and play is a challenge. It’s one thing to have a home office where you can shut the door to the rest of the house, but it’s quite another, if you need to keep inventory on hand for daily shipping.

Smart home business owners realize that renting a unit in a Columbus self storage facility is convenient and inexpensive. But it’s also scaleable with the growth of your business and can help you separate your home life from business ventures.

Columbus storage units are simply a clean and dry space that you can access 24/7. If your business is cyclical, you can rent more or less space as you need it during the year. You have access to your storage unit day or night, and you won’t have to pay any access fees. Most importantly, you don’t share your space with anyone else.

If you use your storage units for your home business, there’s an extra benefit you get to enjoy: you can deduct the monthly rental fee from your taxes as a business expense.

You can set up the storage unit not only as a mini-warehouse, but also as a packing facility. Shippers like UPS and FedEx are happy to schedule pickups at a Columbus storage facility. So rather than showing up at your home, they come to you and your inventory. Some Columbus storage facilities make office space available to their customers, so you can use a computer and fax on site to print labels and invoices.

Your inventory and equipment is very secure in a Columbus storage facility. Most self storages are enclosed within a tall perimeter fence and have computerized entry gates for access. When you rent a unit you get a unique entry code. The facilities are well-lit at night and have security cameras monitoring all activity on the premises. Every tenant has their own lock and the self storage operator does not have a master key to your unit.

Better storage facilities have paved aprons around the units that make dropping off or picking up items convenient and clean. Some storage room are temperature and humidity controlled. Larger public storage facilities are staffed during regular business hours, which helps when you want something dropped off or picked up and you can’t be there.

You can pay the monthly fee with cash, check or credit card. Many facilities offer convenient automatic payment options. You will need to provide your own insurance for your inventory, but most Columbus storage facilities offer storage insurance plans.

When you select a Columbus storage facility for your home business, ask the following eight questions:

1.Is the facility close to where I live?
2.Does it offer 24/7 access?
3.Are there any “hidden” charges beyond the monthly rent?
4.Is the facility clean and is the management professional?
5.Can shippers pick up or drop off shipments?
6.Are there various size units available?
7.Does management offer discounts for long term rental or for multiple units?
8.What security measures are in place?