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If you own a business that’s bursting at the seams and you just can’t keep up with inventory levels at your current location, then renting a Columbus storage unit may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Self storage facilities provide a secure and clean space that you can access day and night. It’s scaleable with the growth of your business. Whenever you need more space, you simply rent an additional unit. Should you have to down size, you can cancel a storage unit. Most rental contracts for Columbus storage facilities are month to month.

You have access to your storage unit whenever you want, and you won’t have to pay any access fees. Of course, you don’t share the space with anyone else.

Self storage is an affordable alternative for many commercial operation. If you’re a contractor or landscaper, you can use a facility to store your equipment overnight, and you can keep supplies in storage so they’re readily available when you need them.

If you’re an accountant or attorney, you might have years worth of papers and files that have to be stored securely for a long time. And if you’re a retailer, you may need a place to store your holiday inventory, even though it’s only May.

Whatever you keep at Columbus storage is secure. Most storage buildings are within tall perimeter fencing, and have computerized entry gates that track who is coming in and out. Facilities are usually well lit at night and have security cameras monitoring all activity on the premises.

Modern storage facilities offer paved parking spaces between the storage buildings. Some buildings come with climate and humidity control. Urban storage facilities are typically staffed during regular business hours, which helps if someone wants to drop off or pick up a package.

Although Columbus storage facilities offer separate renters insurance, I recommend you have your own insurance for your expensive business equipment. Just like with parking, self storage operators are not liable for damage to your parked vehicles or the equipment you store on site.

As a commercial storage customer you can usually negotiate a discount when you rent a self storage unit for a long time. Most businesses remain permanent tenants and rent for more than a year. In that case the owner of the self storage facility will be glad to quote a special rate, if you pre-pay for 6 months or if you have your monthly payment automatically drawn from your credit card or business account.

Columbus storage facilities offer plenty of room at very affordable rates for commercial business owners to save money, if they need additional or off-site space to store their inventory or documents.