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Self-storing a vehicle that’s only used seasonally or periodically is a smart idea.

Studies show that far more accidents occur in your driveway or out on the street than in a secure Columbus storage facility. And if you live in an urban area or apartment, finding space to park your vehicle for extended periods of time can be difficult or even impossible.

The advantages to renting vehicle storage space at Westbelt Storage are many:

  • Rent the space for as long or as short as you need it. If you are storing a boat or classic car, for instance, you may wish to keep it at your home during the summer months, but need to store it for the other nine months of the year. You only need to rent the space for nine months, then.
  • Westbelt Storage offers secure storage. Unlike your home property, there is a security fence surrounding the storage area, accessible only through a code-protected front gate. The grounds are well-lit at night and security cameras monitor and record activity on premises.
  • Some insurance companies will offer reduced rates, if you store your vehicle in a secure off-site location.
  • Westbelt Storage offers better protection from the elements and traffic than does storing your vehicle in your driveway or in front of your house, where other cars go by daily.
  • Westbelt Storage offers both indoor and outdoor vehicle storage options.
  • By storing your vehicle at our Hilliard Self Storage, you open up space at your home that you can either simply leave empty or use for some other purpose… like putting up a basketball hoop and backboard for your kids to play!

You can make best use of your storage space by defining the features you need. A large boat, for instance, does not need to be stored indoors, but a vintage car would be better protected inside a storage garage. A less expensive vehicle (a pontoon boat, for instance, as opposed to a yacht) is also a good candidate for outdoor storage.

Do you have a cover or tarp to wrap over your vehicle? This will help further protect it from sun, rain, snow and dust.

Make sure to measure the dimensions of your vehicle carefully. Bear in mind that the door may be narrower or lower than the dimensions of the self storage unit you rent. For example, if you are planning to store a zero-turn mower for the winter, the mower itself may fit through the entrance just fine, but the trailer you used to haul it may have too wide a bed.

If you need frequent access to your vehicle, consider renting space closer to the entrance. But if you’ll need only limited access, it might be a better idea to rent a unit further away from all the traffic near the entrance gate.

For liability purposes and for your protection, Westbelt Storage requires that

  • Any wheeled vehicle be in drivable condition. You can store it securely on a trailer, but you may not place it on cinder blocks.
  • Tires must be kept inflated and in good condition.
  • Your vehicle must be registered and insured (you will need to provide proof of this).
  • You may not use any storage unit as a workshop to repair your vehicle, since Columbus storage facilities are not set up to dispose of motor oil and other chemicals solvents.

Call Westbelt Storage today at 614-777-9511 and tell us about your vehicle storage needs. Our facility manager will help you to determine your best and most cost-effective options for storing your car, boat, truck, mower or van.