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When you choose to use a self storage facility you should expect that your personal property will be safe.  You should insist that the self storage facility offer you certain areas of protection.  Without such protection you are putting your personal property at risk for theft, vandalism or other damage.

You have to be aware that in some instances security requires a small inconvenience to you.  For example, you may have to enter a code at the gate to get into the facility instead of just being able to drive in.  You should be prepared to sacrifice quick access to your personal property if it means that the self storage facility has implemented security features that ensure the security of your personal property.

There are five specific security features that you need to look for in a self storage facility.  These top five security features will help you to know that your property is well protected and in good hands.  You can relax about leaving your property in the storage unit because you will know that nobody, but you will have access to it.

The first security feature to look for is that your unit is protected by either a lock or has code access only.  You do not want open units, even if there is a locked gate.  Your individual unit must have its own locking system in place to ensure that there is no way to access it without a key or code.

The second security feature you want your self storage unit facility to have is a locked gate.  The gate should feature a key code entry.  This helps ensure that nobody can get into the facility without the key code.  Unlocked gates leave the units open for vandalism or break ins.  It is much easier for someone to break into individual units if there is no locked gate around the whole facility.

The third security feature you need is strong overall fencing and good lighting.  A strong fence keeps people out and prevents jumping over the fence to access the units.  Lighting is a good deterrent for would be thieves.  A well lit area is less likely to suffer from vandals or thefts than an area that is not well lit.  You should make sure to visit your unit after dark to ensure that your particular unit is well lit and that lighting is not limited to just the front of the facility.

The fourth security feature that will help keep your property safe is video camera surveillance.  It is important that the facility has real, operating security cameras and not just dummy cameras.  If something would happen, video evidence can help you get your property back quickly.  Video surveillance is a great deterrent for crime, also.

The last thing you should expect from a good self storage facility is an onsite manager and security guards.  The presence of an actual person will be the best way to keep your property safe.  Having someone onsite at all times means that someone is always watching over the units and that anyone gaining access to the facility illegally will be caught and prevented from doing harm to any of the units or personal property.

Security at self storage facilities is of the greatest importance.  Storage units left open, without strict security are a prime target for thieves and vandals.  Usually when you sign the storage contract you also limit the liability of the storage facility owner, so if something would happen to your personal property you may not even be able to get compensated for it.  Choosing a facility with strong security measures in place will just help you to ensure your personal property is safe.