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After the first big snowstorm of this year I was in my car traveling along slippery Columbus streets. As I watched other cars go by on that cold December morning, I noticed that at least two thirds of them had snow on their roof and hood. Most windows were covered with ice and the drivers could hardly see the road.

I am sure that many of these drivers have a garage. But they have to keep their car in the driveway or park it on the street, because their garage is full with “stuff.”

When I look at my neighbors’ homes, I notice that 2 out of 3 park their car outside. Each house in our subdivision has a 2 car garage. Either my neighbors have more than 2 cars, or they don’t have any free space in their garage. I am sure it’s the second one.

It is a bad idea to leave the car outside in winter.

Every morning, when you get up, your car is covered with snow and ice. You have to scrape off the ice and snow before you can go to work. You need to warm up the car for 5 or 10 minutes. You may even have to clear the snow around the wheels just to get out of your parking space.

You know what’s even worse?

You may have to do this in freezing rain, and get all wet before you head to the office. Why would you own a garage, if you can’t use it in the first place?

Sounds inconvenient? Let  me give you five more urgent reasons why you should free up space in your garage and rent a space in a Columbus self storage facility.

  1. Every year dozens of cars suffer serious damage from hail and thunderstorms. Golf ball sized hail will dent the metal parts of your car and break the glass and plastic.
  2. Branches and tree limbs can fall on your vehicle. This is very common during wind storms in fall and spring, and when tree branches get covered with heavy snow or ice and become brittle.
  3. Parking a vehicle under trees is bad for another reason. The leaves of many trees release a sticky liquid that drops down on your car. Even worse, small berries growing on these trees drop down in autumn and make your car a guey mess. They are very hard to get off your car and may even damage the surface.
  4. If you park on a street, your car may be damaged by other vehicles driving by closely, hitting your mirrors or scratching and denting your bumpers. Even neighborhood streets are not safe. A stray baseball or basketball may hit your car and break your window.
  5. Finally, there’s always the danger of vandalism. You hear it in the news every day. Tires get slashed, windows broken, and doors scratched for no reason.

These problems may cost you thousands of dollars. But there’s a simple solution. Park your car in the garage – that’s what it was made for.

Bring all the items you accumulated in your garage to a Columbus storage facility. You can rent a 10 x 20 ft unit for just $120 a month.

There are heavy duty shelving and storage cabinet options for larger garages and storage units. Schaefer Systems International provides industrial grade shelving to help people stay organized and free from clutter.

This will give you enough space to clear out your garage and keep your car in a safe and warm place.

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