Eliminating Clutter the Easy Way (with Cheap Self Storage)

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If you are like many American consumers, you probably have too many things. Even if you donate some of your possessions to thrift stores, you most likely still have too many belongings to adequately store in your house. If you’re running out of shelves, closets, and garage space, you might want to look into cheap self storage.

Consumers in the United States have needed extra space since the Industrial Revolution. That’s when goods became a lot more accessible to Americans, and they were encouraged to purchase those goods to stimulate the economy. The consumption of goods has only increased since then, creating a need for the flourishing industry of self-service storage. The Self Storage Association asserts that the U.S. runs approximately 86% of the self storage establishments in the world, which means the need for storage is an issue that is primarily unique to the United States.

Around 10% of Americans rent one or more storage units. Renting these units can be costly. It is crucial to fully investigate different self storage options before committing to one.  Many people who only plan to store their possessions for a couple of months end up storing them for years.  The price of doing so should also be kept in mind while considering self storage options.

First you should figure out exactly what you want from a storage unit. Self storage prices differ by size, location, and amenities. You can factor in whether or not you want your storage unit to be close to your home or business. You can also consider something like whether you want to take advantage of climate control services. If you live in extremely hot or cold locations, climate control can be crucial to preserve the condition of some of your goods. However, if you could store something in your garage, then you probably could do without storing it in a unit that is climate controlled.

Deciding how much space you need is essential. One self storage business may offer cheap access to small units, while charging a lot more for larger units. In general, smaller units are more cost-effective. However, this isn’t always the case. Before you determine how much space you will need, you should assess your personal inventory and see whether there are any items you could donate or sell.

After you have figured out the basics of what you need from a storage unit, you can start searching around for the deal that works best with your budget. SelfStorage.com and SpareFoot are two online companies that provide the option for users to search for units based on pricing, amenities, and location.

The last step in your hunt for the perfect storage unit should be to inquire about promotions offered at different storage companies. You might be able to find a company that allows you to rent a unit for free the first month, or you might you discover establishments that provide a discounted rate for the first three to six months. Some promotions can actually save you quite a bit of money in the end.

Storing your items away from home can be an excellent way to avoid giving away your most valuable keepsakes. So, if you still don’t have enough space for all your stuff, you should start researching storage facilities in your area. If you do your homework, you might just find the perfect unit for your self storage needs.

Margot McClelland is a guest post writer on the subjects of homes and lifestyles.

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Connecticut Self Storage September 21, 2011 at 9:37 am

These are some great reasons to use self storage. We often often convince tentative customers with a lot of the things you wrote about. Who wants clutter? Self storage is the way to go!

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