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Hoarding has been in the news thanks to a number of TV shows that feature extreme cases of hoarding. They show how people that are affected by this compulsion find help to clean up their homes (and save their valuables in a Columbus self storage).

I never thought that hoarding could be deadly, until I read this article in Readers Digest:

The Hoarding Syndrome — When Clutter Goes Out Of Control

It dates back to 2007, when most of us did not realize that hoarding is a medical condition, and that it could be deadly. The author references a number of cases where people actually perished because the piles of clutter collapsed on them.

Dangerous Compulsion
“Saving stuff, in moderation, is usually considered normal. But this otherwise healthy impulse can go too far and develop into what some experts consider a clinical obsessive-compulsive disorder”

The story is about a couple that struggles with their rising living expenses, growing kids and their attempt to catch up with it, which does not leave them time to clean up their house, through items away or save them in a Self Storage Facility. Although this story has a happy ending, people suffering from the hoarding compulsion will face a lifelong battle, trying to keep things organized in their house and getting rid of clutter.

The article gives numerous references to self-help groups you can find online, as well as books that help you address the issue, such as
Overcoming Compulsive Hoarding: Why You Save & How You Can Stop
(click the link to find out more about this book)