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The answer is simple: You are not required to buy self storage insurance when you rent a locker at a Columbus storage facility.

However, you will be responsible for any loss of your personal items. It is certainly recommended that you have insurance. Most likely your home owners policy will cover you. They may also allow you to buy additional coverage for the items you put in storage.

Some self storage operators recently got busted for bullying customers into buying self storage insurance. Watch the video below in which Public Storage, the country’s largest operator of self storage facilities, turned customers away, who did not buy their tenant insurance.

What’s even worse, some customers reported that the insurance did not cover damage that occurred to items stored in that facility.

Here at Westbelt Storage we never require that tenants buy insurance from us. We offer storage insurance from SafeStor, which you can buy, if you need it.

We recommend that you first check with your insurance agent to see, if your belongings are covered by your regular home owners policy.