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This story comes right from the UK, where austerity measures by the British Government send some Brits to the brink. The London Daily Telegraph published a story saying sex in self storage units has become a low-cost option for one time affairs. Here’s their article “Self-storage Affairs of the Heart” stating that self storage facilities […]


Hoarding has been in the news thanks to a number of TV shows that feature extreme cases of hoarding. They show how people that are affected by this compulsion find help to clean up their homes (and save their valuables in a Columbus self storage). I never thought that hoarding could be deadly, until I […]


I am sure you watched the new TV show Storage Wars. It runs on A&E on Wednesday evenings at 10:30. Since it started airing a few months ago, it exploded the interest in Self Storage Auctions. Here’s why! The show features four groups of storage auction buyers. They are professionals and make their living from […]


After the first big snowstorm of this year I was in my car traveling along slippery Columbus streets. As I watched other cars go by on that cold December morning, I noticed that at least two thirds of them had snow on their roof and hood. Most windows were covered with ice and the drivers […]

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You may have heard from friends who go to self storage auctions to buy collectibles, antiques and other items for next to nothing. Self storage facilities schedule auctions on a regular basis, to sell property of storage customers that fell behind on rental payments or abandon their property. The law allows the operator of a […]


Because Hilliard’s Westbelt Storage offers units in five different sizes, we can meet all your self storage needs. It is important to calculate your current and future storage requirements carefully, so you rent the correct-sized unit or multiple storage units. You don’t want to pay for room you don’t use, yet you want to make sure you have […]

When you choose to use a self storage facility you should expect that your personal property will be safe.  You should insist that the self storage facility offer you certain areas of protection.  Without such protection you are putting your personal property at risk for theft, vandalism or other damage. You have to be aware […]

Have you outgrown your home or apartment and just don’t have anymore room to store things? You’re not alone. Thousands of people have faced the same dilemma and have chosen a Columbus self-storage facility as the solution to their problem. Self-storage is so popular now that a competitive industry has developed all over the country in order to […]

A self storage facility is an option that can help small businesses save money, and provides an added measure of convenience.  Self storage facilities are more affordable than offices, and can provide a relatively inexpensive way to store inventory and supplies.  This saves you space, and can keep your home office or business site from […]

Home business entrepreneurs know that drawing a boundary between work and play is a challenge. It’s one thing to have a home office where you can shut the door to the rest of the house, but it’s quite another, if you need to keep inventory on hand for daily shipping. Smart home business owners realize […]